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LUMed Phaco-Handpiece

LUMed Phaco-Handstück

The Phaco-Handpieces of LUMed GmbH are known for their strong Phaco performance and are designed for the traditional longitudinal ultrasound oscillation at 40 kHz. With its small diameter and ergonomic surface, the handpiece fits perfectly in the hand, enabling precise handling during the procedure.

The optimized start behavior ensures a predictable, more efficient, and secure application, suitable for both beginners and experts during the surgical intervention. The improved start behavior significantly reduces heat generation, leading to increased thermal safety. Our handpiece is manufactured in Germany and can be individually adapted to other device frequencies if needed.

Phaco-Handpiece TITAN with plastic plug for Ruck-Systems

Art.-No. 5000

Phaco-Handpiece TITAN with plastic plug for Sophi®-Systems

Art.-No. 5500


Exclusive services

We offer you a range of services. From repairs to security checks, we are there for you - fast, reliable, cost-effective.

In emergencies, delivery within 24 hours is possible after consultation. Just give us a call.

Repair service

We offer a repair service for phaco handpieces from various manufacturers. Furthermore, we repair:

  • Tweezers

  • Scissors

  • Bimanual and monomanual instruments

  • Bipolar instruments and accessories


Return service

We relieve the burden on medical practices and clinics with our regular and free return service for Phaco handpieces or instruments that need to be repaired.


STK service

For operating theatre systems from various manufacturers, our qualified staff reliably and quickly carry out safety inspections in accordance with the statutory regulations.


Remanufacturing service

We organise the reprocessing of all surgical instruments for you, from manual or machine cleaning to the finished sterile material.


1. Pick up

We will collect the goods from you free of charge.

2. Analyse

The basis of our repairs is a thorough analysis.

3. Repair

Repairs are carried out after approval of the cost estimate.

4. Delivery

The return is also free of charge.

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